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Friday, February 26, 2016

"Salvation is of the Lord."

"Salvation is of the Lord."
Jonah 2:9

Salvation is the work of God. 
It is he alone who quickens the soul 
"dead in trespasses and sins," 
and it is he also who maintains the soul in its spiritual life. 

He is both "Alpha and Omega."
 "Salvation is of the Lord." 
If I am prayerful, God makes me prayerful;
 if I have graces, they are God's gifts to me;
 if I hold on in a consistent life,
 it is because he upholds me with his hand. 

I do nothing whatever towards my own preservation, 
except what God himself first does in me. 
Whatever I have, all my goodness is of the Lord alone. 

Wherein I sin, that is my own; 
but wherein I act rightly,
 that is of God, wholly and completely.
 If I have repulsed a spiritual enemy,
 the Lord's strength nerved my arm. 

Do I live before men a consecrated life?
 It is not I, but Christ who liveth in me. 
Am I sanctified? I did not cleanse myself: 
God's Holy Spirit sanctifies me. 

Am I weaned from the world?
 I am weaned by God's chastisements sanctified to my good. 
Do I grow in knowledge? 
The great Instructor teaches me. 

All my jewels were fashioned by heavenly art. 
I find in God all that I want; 
but I find in myself nothing but sin and misery. 

"He only is my rock and my salvation."
 Do I feed on the Word?
 That Word would be no food for me unless the Lord made it food for my soul, 
and helped me to feed upon it. 

Do I live on the manna which comes down from heaven? 
What is that manna but Jesus Christ himself incarnate, 
whose body and whose blood I eat and drink? 
Am I continually receiving fresh increase of strength? 
Where do I gather my might? 
My help cometh from heaven's hills: 
without Jesus I can do nothing. 

As a branch cannot bring forth fruit except it abide in the vine, 
no more can I, except I abide in him. 
What Jonah learned in the great deep, 
let me learn this morning in my closet: 
"Salvation is of the Lord."

is to share the precious word of God,
without acquiring any MONETARY REWARD. 
God gave me the salvation for "FREE", 
so I share the gospel of his word the same way .. 
Blessings to all of You, rejoice in the sublime 
and infallible Word of God.  
 If you are NOT a believer in Jesus Christ, 
you can be accepted into his kingdom. 
 I invite you to let him to make of you what He always wanted. 

Marvelous God Almighty, 
 I come to you in the precious name of Jesus, 
who died for me to make me free of sin, 
 I want Jesus to enter into my heart and make me free.
 I confess that He is the son of God.
 I ask to change my heart and to give me wisdom to understand
 your Holy Word full of promises of eternal value,
 not only to live on this earth, 
but to be expectant of my life in heaven.
 In the precious name of Jesus I ask. 
“The true minister of Christ knows that 
the true value of a sermon must lie, 
 not in its fashion and manner, 
but in the truth which it contains.” 

.... Reflection and inspiration from the 
"Prince of Preachers,"

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon~ 


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