Blessings come to those who read and proclaim these words aloud; blessings come to those who listen closely and put the prophetic words recorded here into practice. The finale is approaching.---Revelation 1:3 The Voice (VOICE)


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Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Arise, and depart."

"Arise, and depart."
Micah 2:10

The hour is approaching when the message will come to us, as it comes to all--"Arise, and go forth from the home in which thou hast dwelt, from the city in which thou hast done thy business, from thy family, from thy friends. 

Arise, and take thy last journey." 
And what know we of the journey? 
And what know we of the country to which we are bound?
 A little we have read thereof, and somewhat has been revealed to us by the Spirit;
 but how little do we know of the realms of the future! 
We know that there is a black and stormy river called "Death." 

God bids us cross it, promising to be with us.
 And, after death, what cometh? 
What wonder-world will open upon our astonished sight? 
What scene of glory will be unfolded to our view?
 No traveller has ever returned to tell. 

But we know enough of the heavenly land to make us welcome our summons thither with joy and gladness. 
The journey of death may be dark, 
but we may go forth on it fearlessly, 
knowing that God is with us as we walk through the gloomy valley,
 and therefore we need fear no evil.

 We shall be departing from all we have known and loved here, but we shall be going to our Father's house--to our Father's home, 
where Jesus is--to that royal "city which hath foundations, 
whose builder and maker is God."

 This shall be our last removal, to dwell forever with him we love, in the midst of his people,
 in the presence of God. 

Christian, meditate much on heaven, 
it will help thee to press on, 
and to forget the toil of the way. 

This vale of tears is but the pathway to the better country: this world of woe is but the stepping-stone to a world of bliss.

"Prepare us, Lord, by grace divine,

For thy bright courts on high;

Then bid our spirits rise, and join

The chorus of the sky."

is to share the precious word of God,
without acquiring any MONETARY REWARD. 
God gave me the salvation for "FREE", 
so I share the gospel of his word the same way .. 
Blessings to all of You, rejoice in the sublime 
and infallible Word of God.  
 If you are NOT a believer in Jesus Christ, 
you can be accepted into his kingdom. 
 I invite you to let him to make of you what He always wanted. 

Marvelous God Almighty, 
 I come to you in the precious name of Jesus, 
who died for me to make me free of sin, 
 I want Jesus to enter into my heart and make me free.
 I confess that He is the son of God.
 I ask to change my heart and to give me wisdom to understand
 your Holy Word full of promises of eternal value,
 not only to live on this earth, 
but to be expectant of my life in heaven.
 In the precious name of Jesus I ask. 
“The true minister of Christ knows that 
the true value of a sermon must lie, 
 not in its fashion and manner, 
but in the truth which it contains.” 

.... Reflection and inspiration from the 
"Prince of Preachers,"

~Charles Haddon Spurgeon~ 


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