Blessings come to those who read and proclaim these words aloud; blessings come to those who listen closely and put the prophetic words recorded here into practice. The finale is approaching.---Revelation 1:3 The Voice (VOICE)


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Psalm 103:8 ~~~ " The Lord Compassion "

Father God Almighty I want to say thanks so much for having compassion on me 
and  for letting me rectify my ways,  now that I know You, I can see how great and big it is your compassion for all of us, your mercy surpasses all understanding, and instead of been angry for all my disobedience, you took me back with an amazing love and today I can said Thank You very much, because the quality of life it is fruitful for your glory and honor.
I love you with all my soul.. 

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