Blessings come to those who read and proclaim these words aloud; blessings come to those who listen closely and put the prophetic words recorded here into practice. The finale is approaching.---Revelation 1:3 The Voice (VOICE)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart."

"But Mary kept all these things,
 and pondered them in her heart."
Luke 2:19

There was an exercise, on the part of this blessed woman, 
of three powers of her being: her memory--she kept all these things; 
her affections--she kept them in her heart; 
her intellect--she pondered them; 
so that memory, affection, and understanding, 
were all exercised about the things which she had heard. 

Beloved, remember what you have heard of your Lord Jesus, 
and what he has done for you; 
make your heart the golden pot of manna to preserve the memorial of the heavenly bread whereon you have fed in days gone by.

 Let your memory treasure up everything about Christ which you have either felt, 
or known, or believed, and then let your fond affections hold him fast for evermore.

 Love the person of your Lord! 
Bring forth the alabaster box of your heart, 
even though it be broken, 
and let all the precious ointment of your affection come streaming on his pierced feet. 

Let your intellect be exercised concerning the Lord Jesus.
 Meditate upon what you read: stop not at the surface;
 dive into the depths.

 Be not as the swallow which toucheth the brook with her wing, 
but as the fish which penetrates the lowest wave. 
Abide with your Lord:
 let him not be to you as a wayfaring man, 
that tarrieth for a night, but constrain him, saying, 
"Abide with us, for the day is far spent." 

Hold him, and do not let him go. 
The word "ponder," means to weigh.
 Make ready the balances of judgment.

 Oh, but where are the scales that can weigh the Lord Christ?
 "He taketh up the isles as a very little thing:"--who shall take him up? 
"He weigheth the mountains in scales"--in what scales shall we weigh him? Be it so, 
if your understanding cannot comprehend, 
let your affections apprehend; 
and if your spirit cannot compass the Lord Jesus in the grasp of understanding, 
let it embrace him in the arms of affection.

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ,

you can be accepted in to his kingdom. 

 I invite you to let him to make of you what 

He always wanted. 

Marvelous God Almighty, 
I come to you in the precious name of Jesus, 
who died for me to make me free of sin, 
 I want Jesus to enter in to my heart and make me free. 
I confess that He is the son of God. 
I ask to change my heart and to give me wisdom to understand your Holy Word full of promises of eternal value, not only to live on this earth, but to be expectant of my life in heaven.
 In the precious name of Jesus I ask. 
“The true minister of Christ knows that the true value of a sermon must lie, 
 not in its fashion and manner,
 but in the truth which it contains.” 
.... Reflection and inspiration from the "Prince of Preachers,"
 Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

 The purpose of these pages is to share the precious word of God, 
without acquiring any monetary reward. 
God gave me the salvation for free, 
so I share the gospel of his word the same way ..

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